Hermetic packing system for used diapers

Hermetic packing system
for used diapers

Bringing Smiles to Those Who Need Care and Those Who Give Care

Bacteria, viruses, and odors are

locked in just
by inserting used diapers

  • Prevention of
  • Odor
Percentage of people who smell no odors after diapers are sealed in the pack※In-house research or results of surveys performed at hospitals and facilities


Bacteria, viruses, and odors are locked away in a sealed pack using specialized and highly airtight packing tape.

  • Prevention of secondary infections caused by bacteria and viruses generated by feces and urine.
  • All sources of infection are packed away.
  • Workload is decreased and work efficiency is enhanced.
  • Unpleasant odors are shut away and do not escape.

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